June 2018

On 3 June, Studio Complex opens up their doors to let the summer wind into their new home and invites neighbors, fellow artists and creators, curious minds and everyone interested to spend the day together. From 12-18h we'll be welcoming visitors to our OPEN DAG!

'Madame Jeannette's Wandering Kitchen' will cater for the 'Living Village Festival' from 18-24 June and will then travel further to cook at 'Fusion Festival' from 27 June-1 July in Laerz, Germany!

May 2018

For 'Madame Jeannette's Wandering Kitchen', the festival season has started again! On 20-21 May the food truck around Malou Coerman brought plantbased deliciousness to the poetry festival 'Vurige Tongen Festival 2018' at Ruigoord in Amsterdam after having provided healthy food for hungry bellies at 'Green Vibrations Festival' in Enschede on 10 May.

April 2018

Recently founded, Sickhouse, an initiative by Marie Janin and Aike Lütkemöller, is the Interdisciplinary Creative Lab open to develop and support experimental, interactive, fun researches. This year, the team of sickhouse is developing an ongoing program around the theme Immortality which will culminate in this year's Overkill Festival! At Sickhouse you'll find Art (a lot of interactivity), Games (Indies, VR, AR...), creative thinking, films (alternative screenings), Music (especially 8 bits and Modular synthesiser craziness)...

March 2018


Voor de aller allerlaatste keer laten Studio Complex en Hangarrrrr zien wat ze in het vorige pand in huis hadden en mee zullen nemen naar hun nieuwe plek. Verwacht een kleurige bende van plastic, metaal, muziek, hout, doek, beeld, installaties, doelust en lente kriebels.

Wanneer kan je dit allemaal zien, beleven en doen?

Vrijdag 30 maart de Neemee-shop, vanaf 12:00 uur open inloop en gratis spullen
Zaterdag 31 maart van 15:00 – 22:00
Zondag 1 April zijn we aan het inpakken, opruimen & verhuizen (niet echt openbaar, een paasvuur?)

Iedereen is uitgenodigd, jong en oud, klein en groot, enzovoort, enzovoort! ↓

On 15 March, ABGEHACKT performed at Kiste - a tiny temporary project space. Together, Christopher Bohlen, Leila Orth, Jan Krühler and Jeannette Petrik presented an installation and sound performance in and around the space. ↓

'The Loch is Fucking Dead' Festival on 10 March: After more than 6 years of experimental DIY shows in Enschede, The Loch will close its doors once and for all! Going out with a bang - "The Loch Is Fucking Dead" will be the first and last large music festival at The Loch! Bands from all 6 years will come back together with new acts who've never played The Loch before. ↓

February 2018

On 10 and 11 February Luuk van Binsbergen opens his atelier for a sale weekend. ↓

January 2018

On 13 January 2018 there will be a party at Studio Complex in solidarity with its eviction and relocation. Local DJ's come together to play danceable 'vage shit' alongside some postpunk, wave and techno. Entry on donation. ↓

'Kiste' is a temporary project space located in the young forest of Studio Complex. From Jan-Mar it will be made available to three creative individuals who will use the space for individual site-specific installations. Confirmed interventions include Rianne de Beer on 25 January and Christiopher Bohlen on 1 March 2018. Curated by Jeannette Petrik. ↓

December 2017

Marie and Aike are developing this year's program for the Overkill which involves monthly events throughout the coming year. The program will be presented in the end of January 2018. www.theoverkill.nl

Hans is developing mobile living units for rent. He's in the process of buying a tiny container which will be the next 'gestalte'. www.bettgestalten.nl

Jan and Jeannette are working on converting a 17t truck to a tiny house - completely stripping the former horse truck, de-rusting, treating and preserving existing structures, adding structures and functionality, insulating, clading, spatially designing, furnishing, decorating.

Jeannette has started to document her informal writing practice through a blog.

November 2017

Together with Maximilian Gallo, Hanna Jurisch, Yul Koh, Erik Ritzel, Philipp Spillmann und Verena Sprich, Jeannette gave a seminar at Prof. Carmen Mörsch's course on art mediation at the Master Art Education at the ZHdK in Zurich in Nov 2017. Content of the seminar was art mediation at documenta 14.

October 2017

From 27-29 October the Amazing Edition of the Overkill took place. The Overkill is a 48h non-stop festival of independet games and underground movies. Aike and Marie are the festival's artistic directors. www.theoverkill.nl

Together with Pablo Calderon Salazar, Amelie Derveloy, Silvia Dini Modigliani, Zeno Franchini, Giovanni Pezzato and Priscilla Suarez, Jeannette organised informal sessions of workshops and produced DIY publications on the topics of collectivity, action and critique at Onomatopee in Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week 2017. More information on the project can be found here: http://www.radicalcriticality.net

The Karnival participated at ADM Festival in Amsterdam from 12-14 October and created an area of fun and adventurous attractions. ↓

August 2017

During Zuiderfestival 2017, Elise and Benno tested Hans' first 'gestalte'. After a few adjustments, it's almost finished. www.bettgestalten.nl

Zuiderfestival took place on 25 and 26 August 2017.

July 2017

Jeannette published 'Education is always about the future: An Interview with Tania Bruguera' on Temporary Art Review in July 2017.

The Karnival presented new do-installations, performances and games at Rijksmuseum Twenthe for the opening ceremony of the exhibition "I play, thus I am" on 9 July and at the legendary Wideburg Festival from 14-16 July.
De Karnival presenteerde nieuwe doe installaties, performances en Spel bij de Openingsfeest van de expo ‘Ik speel dus ik ben’ bij Rijksmuseum Twenthe op 9 Juli en het sfeervolle Wildeburg Festival op 14-16 Juli.

June 2017

Jeannette has participated at Documenta in Kassel as a member of the Chorus from June until September 2017. This entailed a dialogical, non-hierarchical, associative process of art mediation which centred around uncovering critical themes of the exhibition and discussing hidden knowledge.

In June, the first call for artists for the Krakralucha Residency was published. http://www.transartists.org/air/studio-complex-hangarrrrrr

Reinier and Luuk built our new AIR (Artist in Residents) cottage as part of the Krakralucha Residency.
In Juni 2017 hebben Reinier en Luuk onze nieuwe AIR (artist in residents) ruimte als deel van het Krakralucha residentie gebouwd.

May 2017

On Kingsday 2017, the Karnival performed at NDSM Vrijhaven in Amsterdam. ↓

February 2017

On 18 February, the Karnival participated at Het Grote Fiasco at Casco in Amsterdam. ↓